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Codoc Video Production

At Codoc we are all about collaboration and we like working with like minded people who want to make a difference in the world. We specialize in video content for websites and have extensive experience in creating innovative videos that can be used for advertising, campaigns or training purposes. We have also done a lot of high quality event filming where we have made a short video addressing the key themes and issues brought up in the event.

We have worked with many high profile clients such as Amnesty International, Warchild UK, International Refugee Trust and Virgin Media Pioneers.

What we do:

Full video Production
- We film our video with high quality Canon SLR 7D camera, these cameras have amazing HD quality and are used for extensive film and TV production. The small size of the camera allows us to film in small spaces as well as travel light and film events discreetly. In order to make sure that we capture the best possible audio we also have a Zoom H4N microphone that records the audio separately in order to ensure the quality.

Full video post production
-We edit all material with Final Cut Pro and deliver in any requested format. We can also upload your videoonline if requested.

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