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The Truth That Wasn’t There – Screening Packages

In order to encourage engagement and discussion around the world Codoc have now put together screeningspackages of our debut film The Truth That Wasn’t There. These packages, designed after a tested formula, allow people around the world to organise their own screenings of the film which will be followed by discussion and debate. The screening packages are affordable as there are three categories that determine what price you pay depending of the usage of the film. Screening someone else’s films to the public is illegal as you require rights as well as licensees and most production companies charge a lot for these. At Codoc we are not only making these affordable but encouraging the use of this film for public screenings. We even offer an option of buying the one time theatrical rights to the film which allows the client to charge an admission fee for the screening. The money you earn can either go towards event room rental or towards your charity or anything else – you decide.

On top of this we are also happy to attend any screenings we can for a Q & A session with the filmmakers and in order to do that we only ask for our expenses to be covered. Alternatively, as we cannot possibly attend allscreenings, we are happy to arrange a Skype Q&A if requested and this will be done free of charge.

A package includes:

A DVD of the Truth That Wasn’t There – 85min
A 12 page booklet containing background info, filmmaker info as well as discussion topics surrounding the screening.
2 Film posters
Film leaflets
Digital copy of the booklet, leaflets as well as posters.

These packages are sold in three different categories according to the rights that you require for the film.

A. The Truth That Wasn’t There – One Time Non-Theatrical Rights for a public screening £150*
B. The Truth That Wasn’t There – One Time Theatrical Rights for a public screening £300
C. The Truth That Wasn’t There – One Time Non- Theatrical Rights for a student screening £50**

*Please note that by purchasing the non-theatrical rights for this film you agree not to charge an admission fee but invite the public to see the film free of charge. This option is suitable for universities, NGO’s as well as Community Groups.
** Please note that in order to qualify for a non-theatrical student screening we need a copy of a valid student ID from the organiser.

If you are interested in arranging a Skype Q&A with the filmmakers or arranging a screening with the filmmakers present or have ay other questions regarding the film or any rights, please contact us on:

Please use the link below to purchase a screening package:

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