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So here is a new blog feature called ‘Big Picture’. We’ll try and post up a few thoughts on a few things regarding process. We hope you’ll find them useful and stuff.

So here’s the thing. You’re driven, you’re talented and you have that one thing that marks you out from the others: You posess great taste. But in a world where collaboration is key, how do you utilize an intuition within a team game?

Well first of all let’s answer a question: Are you in the game for yourself or do you want what you create to be of benefit to others? Neither answer is wrong and both choices can render beauty – eventually. But guess what? The first one is a lonely road. From personal experience, the second option is far more fun.  It’s always going to be a heavy hike but with option number two you get to be surrounded by people who love and live the same dream at every step, struggle through the valleys and share the victory peaks. It  renders beauty every day.

So how do you utilize an intuition in a team game? You share it. Chances are your taste in something particular will fire off a hundred more sparks in another mind.  There isn’t one among us that didn’t get where we were headed by going it alone at some point – that’s personal drive. But without a little help guiding that rebellious streak from time to time, we’d easily burn out. Truth is, we need that quiet word, that ‘flame out filter’, making sure we funnel that fire into propulsion – to make sure that where we’re headed is a place that’s for the betterment of all of us and not just for ourselves.

Recently, we added a few young hungry players to our team. Here is an introduction v-log edited by one of them; Kyle Hilton, a special soul with keen spirit fingers in the edit:

Music:  “Icecream Meadow” (Chansu) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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